Mick - (Bass Guitarist)

 Birthday 29 October
Seen Bryan 9 times
Fave track Remember/ Thought I’d died gone to heaven
Fave food Indian /Italian Chinese
Fave drink Malt Whiskey/Real Ales,Guinness
Fave TVTop Gear with Hammond May Clarkson Doc Martin
Fave sport F1
Started Playing 1984
Fav Bands

Bad Company
Deep Purple
Jimmy Barnes

Jaydee Supernatural Mark King main bass Sire Marcus Miller M3 Overwater Explorer Overwater Aspiration Deluxe Bass Collection Markbass littlemark 3 500w head 1974 Marshall JMP Superbass 100w head Marshall DBS 7200 Bass Amp Line6 XT Pro bass processor Warwick 4x10 pro bass cab Darco Electronic 1x15 bin TC Electronics K212 Bass Cab Elixir 40-100 Nanoweb Bass Strings D’addario Chromes flatwound strings
Bands played in
Double Zero
Tons of sobs
Lieutenant Pigeon
Smokie Experience
Jump the Gun
Paul Rodgers Story